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SharatazRai Leading International Psychic Medium Alchemists -Clairvoyant Oracle -Mystic Universal Master -Clairaudient Awakener -Readings - Crossing Over Guidance.

Natural born intuitive psychic ability appeared in all local newspapers TV, radio. For 100percent accurate predictions, very powerful.

Contact Sharataz Rai for appointment. Channelling into the spirit world.

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I have cast 10000 spells on my Paypal Account making it the most powerful wishing well. It's infused with planetary, elementary, universal essence combined with the powerful energy of an ancient wishing djinn ready to fulfill your wishes. Cast money into this paypal wishing well and make wishes now. The more you cast the more wishes will be granted.

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I'm doing powerful protection Monday prayers for safety security stability spiritual protection and to destroy, demolish, crush, smash, vanquish, evil eyes, bad vibes, blocks obstacles, stagnation, procrastination, stifled vibes, stuck feeling, darkness for the week. To take part its R111.11 per person. Deposit, send names and dob please Thanks Sharataz

Click on the evil eye now to take part.

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