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Sharataz Rai predictions

22nd August 2018

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Predictions- There will be a shoot out at a well-known theme park in USA - a vision of a little girl with blond hair went missing close to a public bath house and in the vision she was murdered by a set of twins and buried under a stairwell - there's going to be a murder of a top model- a famous star will die of an overdose - Nazi treasures will be found- shocking revelations will revealed concerning the 2002 Iraqi wars- a time bomb will revealed in a subway erea- a sex trafficking syndicate trafficking children in Australia will be exposed with law inforcement involved- a hidden mass grave in Germany is dug up- New inventions and technology for space travel coming up soon- a Walt Disney surprise unveiled - a new kind of war battle comes forth - hundreds will die with an natural disaster - an Emirates flight attendant has a gruesome death - a new case of cannibalism exposed - a male psychic from a north coast will be shot dead due to sexual harassment and molestation issues. There will be a major issue concerning a mistaken identity -  New ocean species will be discovered - New plant species will be found- ancient alien technology will be discovered - something old becomes something new- a terrible breakout of an unknown virus will create some havoc and madness - bombings in Pakistan India Chili and 4 plane crashes before and of the year- flooding will leave hundreds homeless and confusion leaves a star stunned - death of a rock star- a powerful mutant will be born this year changing the future in time - Charles Manson came to me after his death pleading to hear him out - I didn't want to but I did anyways - he revealed reasons for the murders he committed -so shocking it was ground breakingly disturbing astounding and frightening also explaining that the main person they went after was not there the night of Sharon Tates murder- the murders were to lead and destroy one man- Roman Polanski was the target due to visions and relations from unexplained energy and forces - he further explained that even though he had a disruptive past - he and the Manson family came together for a reason- a common goal to prevent horrific happenings rape murders and deaths of young innocents because according to him the people he murdered were part of a sex and killing group syndicate traffickers ring - he further informed me that's his no saint and by many means a pure dinner and only by destroying this evil that's was going to overcast Hollywood could be find the peace he was seeking - he carried on telling me his life was never a bed of roses but he lived loved went to hell and back - he explained he was never a victim  but instead his misfortunes helped him make the direction he did- he ask me me if I understood and does it make sense- then he said it wasn't a senseless killing - a lot of people stole my music my glory and if I was a stone cold killer I would have killed them but I did what I did because I had to do it- my only regret is that Roman Polanski lived- he told me a lot more secrets I cannot bring myself to reveal -I was in shock and shivers - totally stunned into a state so many emotions after this crossing over with Charles Manson

Sharataz Rai predictions 10th May 2018

Sharataz rai Leading International; Psychic, Medium, Mystic, Clairvoyant, Oracle

Visions of future events

There will be two bodies found in rivers. An elephant attack in a nature reserve will take place. there will be two crocodile attacks in Zambia. Explosions in the Romanian capital. 5 Deaths concerning politicians. A massive accident om the N2 Durban bound. Inflation will go up and Rand goes down. There will be sad news of a terrible killing on the 19th of may 2018. New deals with Russia and USA take place for the better. An Eastern Cape family will be murdered. News of a horrific housebreaking robbery in Reservoir Hills will shock Durban KZN. Taxes increase. High death rate during the long weekend in August. Space planning voyages taking place with NASA.

Collection of a variety of DNA will be sampled and stored away for future experiments and for preserving reasons. Highly toxic fluid waste are being released into local rivers that will further create mutations in surrounding areas of these rivers. There will be a shark attack and drowning of surfer. A new door opens up for time travel exploration.Experimental avenues regarding transmigration where a soul can be transported from one body to the next will take place. Cloning will be taking place via In Vitro treatments. Alien substance to be found. A new galaxy will be discovered. Trump takes a new step forward to create world peace and bettering economical issues. Big business opportunity to move forward in USA. Lady reality star will pass over. Two well known actors will die. An outbreak of a deadly virus, that is a silent killer will merge. Blood poisoning will take place. A fixture in a sporting event will shock fans. Drug abuse around sports will be exposed. There will be four major drug busts in South Africa Airports. Drugs via spices are being transported. There will be a mall robbery. Another shootout will take place at a school in the USA. There will be a tragedy bus collision and a big train disaster in the East. A helicopter will crane and 2 plane crashes will take place. A four armed baby will be born. A big contamination in water will be discovered. A teacher with her two children will die in a terrible robbery killing. A new car invention will come out. Remains of a body will be found in a river. A decomposed body will be found in an industrial area. Missing persons children will be found in the heart of Hillbrow. Seven elderly couples will be murdered during the course of this year. 2018 adds up to eleven then two predicting a disaster o the 2nd of the 11th 2018.


Sharataz Rai



Sharataz Rai Predictions for 2015


There will be 7 plane crashes

Several changes in South Africa’s parliament

Female empowerment takes a new step forward

Major financial international crisis

4 ships will be attacked by pirates

A lost city in the heart of Egypt will be found

A treasure of artifacts will submerge from the bottom of the Nile and the Dead Sea

71 new inventions will hit the market

4 buildings will collapse and two families are brutally murdered in south africa

Evidence of life in outer space emerges and new doors for space exploration is opened up

2 shipwrecks will take place and a gas explosion in an industrial area will happen

Oxygen will become an issue if we don't plant millions of trees this year 2015

5 new diseases arrive

4 truck disasters on the m13

Death everywhere and a lot of losses

A gay couple will get murdered

There will be a vast amount of changes and transformations internationally

A war breaks out in upper parts of africa and as much as the UN is trying to help, hunger becomes worst in impoverished cities

Hurricanes hits usa  

Satellite explosion  

Flooding in Thailand and India

An informal settlement gets washed away

A big prison break is being planned in Westville prison KZN SA  

New water energy car will be invented  

A royal member of the family will die  

3 film stars die

A well known soccer star will die  

5 new rocking heist will make international news and a newspaper company will suffer a fire

Treasure in the Transkei will be found

A lot of boycotts will take place at a few off SA universities

Major protest in USA will take place over a variety of issues

Sadness will sweep through Indonesia

Nuclear explosion will take place in Japan due to a chemical leak

There will be a bus hijacking and an elderly couple will  be murdered in their home in waterfall  

The price of coffee  plunges

7 female bodies will be found in a woods and several children will go missing  

A human traffic syndicate will be exposed and drugs are coming rapidly into the country through rail shipments of material goods, ornaments sea food and cosmetics

A lot of people are carrying the drugs via a c-section done on them through  airports internationally

New psychic developments are revealed  

Abuse in old age homes and asylums are exposed  

Exposure of sex slave trade in prisons will be exposed

New laws and regulations emerge and a  new medication fr criminals are developed to keep them calm and rehabilitate them

Major new developments in KZN will take place trying to transform it into a scifi city of technology







There will be a hijacking and robbery at the Chatsworth centre , and a woman will be attacked outside the Fragrance market in Chatsworth . There will be two jewellery store robberies, a hijacking will take place at the Phoenix plaza as well. Two people will be attacked outside the pavilion, a syndicate operating  in human trafficking will also be exposed. Sporting wise, a soccer player will be badly injured.

New evidence of space exploration and other space finding will be exposed. A radio personality will have a heart attack. A family murder will take place in KZN. Two new species wil be discovered and two new discoveries will take place in the Amazon.   

There will be six natural disasters around the world. There will be two planes crashes and there be a hijacking at sea by pirates and a boat will go missing by the Bermuda triangle.    

People must be aware and look after their kids as I am seeing a lot of kids going missing this year. Two spiritualist will pass over. There will be an explosion in Europe and two  bombings in India and one in Pakistan.

A big drug bust will take place in KZN. In addition five criminals will be killed. A couple will be murdered due to an insurance claim.

People, cars and places associated with accidents:

Bobby Naidoo, Elma Van Resburgs ,Dan ,Sandy, Van der merwe, Nkhosi, Sundile, Govender, Maggie Chetty, Allen, Vincent, Mohamed, Melvin, Karen, Demond, Pillay, Kate, Sharon, Peters, Mike, Fatima, Mike, Reddy, Shirley, Kajal, Singh. Ann.

Cars: Range Rove, Ford, Jeep, Hyundi, Polo, Toyota, Spark,Golf, Honda, Quantum, there will be a bus collision and tree taxi collisions.

Places: N2, N1, verlam, M7, South Coast road, R26, Tongaat toll Plaza, Ladysmith, Permaritzburg highway, Spaghettijunction, old Main Rd, point rd and North Coast.

There will be a major plane crash. There will also be four major aeroplane disasters that will take place during the course of this year.There will be a vast amount of accidents during the Easter season and a number of fatalities.Also taking place t is year will be an assisination attempt on an important political figure and four political figures will pass away. There will be some kind of natural disaster in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, South America and the United States of America.There will be some positive news from the United Nations regarding world hunger. There will also be news on the rise in food shortages in certain parts of the world. Food prices will skyrocket and the general cost of living will rise.A number of bombings will occur in the Middle East, Europe and certain parts of Africa.There will be news in the field of space exploration and a new planet will be discovered.News of a few new inventions will also come about and there will be five-six new species of animals will be found. A new species of butterfly will also be discovered.There will be a major child trafficking bust. Drugs will also be discovered in transport vehicles coming over the border into South Africa.There will also be discoveries of illegal goods being brought into South Africa through ships, trains and planes.There will be news on a possible cure for a terminal illness and medication to deal with blood disorders.There will also be an outbreak of a new disease so be aware and take any precausions necesary. Wash hands regularly etc.Also a new illness will emerge similar to lockjaw. It will involve stiffness and fatigue.There will be a major disaster in Italy and a disruption of some kind in Uganda.Their will be three major hijackings on the roads as well as a pirate attack on the sea. A train will also be hijacked.There will be a disaster in Romania, two buildings will collapse and there will be tremors in Middle Africa.There will be five major  bank heists in South Africa.



I pick up some kind of explosion happening in Brazil. There will be more flooding in different countries all over the world.

A new product will hit the market that will bring a lot of positivity. There will be a lot of new research done to find cures for terminal illnesses. There will be a breakthrough regarding a vaccine that will be ready for experimentation on human trials.

I see some kind of drought disaster happening in Sudan and a terrible outbreak of fever related viruses will spread globally.

The planets will align and there will be new planets revealed that we were unaware of. Every twelve years they are revealed. I have predicted this in the past and now they are coming into view. Also sound waves will be coming through to earth from other planets, confirming life in outer space.

Two Hollywood stars will pass over this year. There is also a change coming about in the American government for the better. There will be peace talks concerning the Middle East and upper Africa and major involvement with the UN to eliminate global poverty, world hunger, etc. Two well known politicians will pass over during the course of the year. Also locally a big scandal will rock the nation.

There is going to be light earthquakes in the far end of South America, the middle of North America, certain parts of upper Africa and Asia. There will be some kind of disaster in Pompeii, the Mediterranean, and some natural disasters will take place in Australia.

A new species of animal will be discovered and four new species of plant. A new very exotic fruit will be created by cross-pollination. There will also be a new rose that will be formed this year. There will be a finding of antique equipment and an ancient palace will be found buried beneath the sands in a desert in the Middle East desert. A lot of knowledge about fairies will be exposed this year. A fossil of a strange creature will also be found on a dig in Africa. There will also be knowledge surfacing concerning a spiritual explanation regarding famous spiritual events etc.

A radio personality will pass over, a new paper editor will have a heart attack and a famous journalist will be killed during a hijack robbery.

There is also going to be a very big bank robbery in Johannesburg. And I also see a robbery in connection with diamonds.

There will be vast amount of accidents during the Easter weekend.

In the coming weeks I will reveal names, dates, times etc that will be connected with accident in 2011, so it is very important to read the next weeks papers.


ARIES (March 21-April 19)

It is time for you to pay attention to what you are doing. Knuckle down, work hard, put the extra effort in and sooner rather than later you will get the recognition that you have been waiting so long for.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)

You have too much on your plate. You are doing everything to please everyone and it is stressing you out. You need to make choices that will use your time more efficiently. There are some things that you do not need to waste time on.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)

You will find yourself in an uncomfortable position. You tend to avoid the spotlight, but is has fallen on you any way. Just excuse yourself politely and enjoy a moment of peace, tranquility and reflection.

CANCER (June 22-July 22)

Sometimes it seems that no one appreciates all the hard work you do, all the hours you put in to achieve the best results possible. Never mind, someone important will take notice and all your hard work will pay off.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)

There is something troubling you. At this point it seems as if everything is going wrong for you. Don’t allow yourself to get depressed. There are always solutions to any problem, just stop worrying for a moment and focus on the solutions.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Everyone and everything around you seems to be spinning out of control. Don’t allow yourself to fall into that pattern. Remain calm and focused and that way you will work things out the way you know how.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23)

There is a lot of negativity surrounding you at the moment. You are going through a tough time with home and family life. Right now it seems like it will never end, but things will look brighter in the very near future.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21)

People love and respect you and that is because you have treated them with love and respect. Those around you will only react to you in a way that they feel appropriate. Kindness, love and respect will always bring happiness.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

There will be a lot of new direction for you in the coming year. Many opportunities will be revealed and you will be able to finally have the ability to achieve the dreams that you have wanted to realise.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

It is time to climb out of you shell and show everyone the true you. Chat, smile and open yourself up to meeting new people. There is so much waiting for you in the world. Don’t keep yourself locked out.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Someone will confide in you. Be careful what you say and do as word can travel very fast. Be sympathetic, but keep an open mind as there is always two sides to a story.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20)

Right now you are the centre of attention. Everywhere you go people are enamoured of you. Enjoy the moment, but don’t get to full of yourself, as that will just ruin everything. Just remain true to yourself and be you.Leading International PsychicSharataz Rai Predictions083 755 1643/ 072 586 www.sharatazrai.comsharatazrai@gmail.comTo">9715www.sharatazrai.comsharatazrai@gmail.comTo become a Sharataz Rai fan, log on to and search forSharataz Rai and join the fan club.  You can also follow Sharataz Raion Twitter.I see two-train disasters taking place internationally, one in Europeand one in India. There will be more bombings in the Middle East andnatural disaster in the USA, Spain and Greece. There will be a planecrash in Europe and there will be a major electrical disaster in SouthAfrica. There will also be a few accidents involving mini bus taxis.There will be major problems in South Africa concerning the safety ofits citizens. I see a couple of bank robberies taking place inJohannesburg. There will also be a robbery at the Pavilion. A numberof the elderly will become very ill over summer from heat relatedillnesses.There will be news regarding an attempted assassination plot againstBarrack Obama’s life.  I also see problems arising with peopletraveling to the USA. There will be some controversial news regardingone of the royal family. A singer will be in a car accident and afamous actor will get hurt during a filming of a movie.There will be a lot of danger on the roads this Christmas so everyoneneeds to take special care.ARIES (March 21-April 19)This is a time to be bold. You are usually very outspoken but recentlyhave hidden in the shadows. Reclaim your confident self and let yourvoice be heard.TAURUS (April 20-May 20)Don’t be all talk and no action. You are very capable but nothing canhappen unless you actually lift yourself off your seat and get going.This is a great time to unleash your potential.GEMINI (May 21-June 21)Sometimes it’s easier to believe everything you hear from others. Lookwithin yourself and listen to your own inner voice. You are mostlikely to get the best words of wisdom from there.CANCER (June 22-July 22)As we travel through life we encounter good and bad. You need to learnhow to discern which is which and follow the track that leads to whatbrings positive outcomes for you. It isn’t hard, just a matter ofopening your eyes.LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)Don’t get sidetracked by something that will just be a passing fancy.Spend more time doing what will enhance your current state whether itis work or home life.VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)You are in danger of spending too much time alone. Allow yourself thefreedom of meeting new people. There will be a lot of opportunities tofind people that you will enjoy spending time with.LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23)You are feeling really tired of hearing the same news over and over.It is perhaps time that you moved out of your usual circle andexperience new voices.SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21)Relax and let people in on what you are doing. It is so much more funspending time with friends and family. Don’t distance yourself,instead find ways of incorporating other into what you like doing.SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)There will be a business opportunity coming up soon. Just remember tonot undervalue yourself. Your time and effort also has a worth, somake sure you cover yourself.CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)People do like you. They will try to be around you. Don’t alienateyourself by being too brash and off handing. Remember they like youand that’s why they are around you.AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)Sometimes you come across as a know it all. There are many people thatcan add to what you have to say. Be open to discussions. Everyone willenjoy talking once you have relaxed.PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20)Don’t waste your time over doing what is perfectly fine the way it is.Instead spend time on things that matter most, like friendships andfamily life. The benefit will be so much greater.Leading International PsychicSharataz Rai Predictions083 755 1643/ 072 586 www.sharatazrai.comsharatazrai@gmail.comTo">9715www.sharatazrai.comsharatazrai@gmail.comTo become a Sharataz Rai fan, log on to and search forSharataz Rai and join the fan club.  You can also follow Sharataz Raion Twitter.There will be a vast amount of changes in the USA relating to Islamicbeliefs regarding looking more favorably upon it.Internationally new doors will open in trade. There will be naturaldisasters in the Philippines, Fiji, Tonga and the Far East.There will be a volcanic eruption in or near the island of Hawaii.There will be some kind of political uproar in South America.There will be more strikes in South Africa and it will cause majorhavoc and financial ruin. After these strikes everything will go up inprice including petrol, basic necessities such as milk and bread,school fees, rates, etc.There will be a vast amount of unemployment that will lead todesperation. People will get robbed on the street for anything ofvalue.Opportunities open up in Zimbabwe for business.A well known Australian actor will die. There will be a loss connectedto a British official. Two important political figures in Africa willpass away.A new virus will emerge that will cause chaos internationally.New research will come about for bone marrow transplants. Researchwill prove that Primates can be used as organ donors for humans.A well known Psychic and newspaper editor will pass over.Accidents:Places were accidents will take place:Ladysmith, PTN Central, Phoenix, M13, M10, M26, Park lane, Tongaat,M30, M28, Broadway, Inanda, N1, N2, N3, Old main, Umgeni, Overport, LaLucia Ridge, Sparks Road, Palmiet Road, Lincoln Terrance, Riverside,Alexander road, Harrismith, Atlantis, South Coast, Amazimntoti, SouthCoast highway, Umlazi, JHB to DBN highways, Westbrook, Drakensburg,Ladysmith, Eastern cape, Dawncliff road, Saltleef road, Newcastle,Higgenson highway, Athol Blair highway, Tongaat, Empangeni, Dundee,Spagetti junction,  M7, M9, M10, M13, M33, M30, N1, N2, N3, R40, R41,R44, R46, R47.ARIES (March 21-April 19) When life feels like it is all too hard you need to take a step backand realize that everything will be okay if you just relax and makepeace with yourself.TAURUS (April 20-May 20)Don’t think to hard about doing what is right. Generally just goingwith the flow of things will make your decision that much easier.GEMINI (May 21-June 21)Do whatever makes you feel good about yourself and everything willwork out fine.CANCER (June 22-July 22)There will be a pleasant encounter in store for you. Enjoy thesomething or someone.LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)You will accomplish a goal that you have been setting your mind to fora long time. It will be a time of rejoicing in having completed thetask.VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)Take time out. Just sit back and relax. Free your mind for a fewmoments and you will find the inspiration you have been waiting for.LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23)Look to the person that makes your day brighter. Lean on that shoulderthat is on offer. Sometimes a bit of strength from someone else canease your load.SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21)If you are positive about what you want to accomplish, don’t letanyone change your mind. It is time to be strong.SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)There will be an opportunity to make new friends. Make sure yougravitate towards those that have similar interests as you do.CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)You might be feeling out of sorts at the moment. Don’t reach for aquick remedy. Make sure you fully understand what is wrong before youattempt to fix it.AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)There will be a new business or work opportunity. Make sure you knowwhat works to your best advantage and impress those around you.PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20)Someone will come into your life and make it that much richer.Sometimes no explanation is needed for a beautiful new friendship.

Leading International Psychic

Sharataz Rai Predictions

083 755 1643/ 072 586 9715

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There will be an oil spill in the Pacific Ocean.  Everything from petrol, food to clothing will rocket sky high in terms of prices economically creating a financial collapse for most people.  Even the energy of money is running out due to pollution, corruption, hate, crime, etc.  We are having global warming and natural disasters due to the pollution and destruction of nature.  Tree planting is vitally important.  It is the most important factor because of the oxygen we gain from that.  Fresh clean oxygen from trees helps prevent certain terminal illness.  New doors of trading internationally with other countries will take place for SA.  Property ventures will take place in SA.  Plans for an African Disney land will take place at a later stage. 


Egyptian Astrology by Sharataz Rai



Don’t bush yourself about negative things, rather be positive.



Hard work pays off, and don’t give up.



Hospitalisation and confusion, take good care of your health.



Happiness, celebration and a concert is coming your way.



Disappointment, pregnancy and a new car comes your way.



New doors of luck open up for you.  Overseas travel in the future.



Deception, arguments, and sadness come up but you must be strong.



Travel, Australia and a visit from an old friend will take place.



Money, luck, winning and work come on your plate.



Focus, new business, China, concentration, exercise is important.  Get up and go and get it. 



Test, exams, medical profession knocks on your door.  Don’t forget your promises.



Health problems and love confusion.





Sharataz Rai will be at the following places in a few months:



  • The psychic festival held at the Emperors Palace in JHB on 24 – 27 June 2010.


Every month Sharataz Rai performs New Moon and Full Moon prayers to alleviate negativity into lives.  At all her festivals she sells things that help to destroy all negative forces.  She is a Universal spiritual master that reads, crystal ball, tarot, palmistry, healing, psychic readings, Arabic cup, tea cup, angel divinity, sand divining, ancestor communication, crossing over, opening of third eye. Books available at R30 that teach you all lunar prayers, telepathic powers, money drawing potions, love potions, magical crystals, Buddha luck, money drawing bags, lucky charms, magnetic bracelets for health and prosperity.  All 99 percent accurate.


Leading International Psychic

Sharataz Rai Predictions

083 755 1643/ 072 586 9715

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 Deadly virus with wildlife as carriers will soon be circulating.  A few outbreaks of dangerous illness amongst humans will take place. Problems with funding the SPCA will occur.  Major traffic problems will hit the headlines.  A radio personality will die.  There will be a beauty pageant disaster.  A hijacking at a show will take place at the Town hall in Durban.  Financial corruptions will take place at a telecommunications company.  A lot of retrenchments will happen.  Property prices will go sky high.  Property in UK will comes right down due to natural disruptions.  A strange mental illness will come about.  There will be a few boycotts and strikes with a few well known companies and varsities.  A vast amount of new inventions will be coming out to improve mankind’s lifestyle.  We will be having major heat waves and terrible storms in Africa and certain parts of USA.  Bombings and explosions will take place in the following places:  Ukraine, Iraq, Madagascar, Somalia, Chad, Sudan, Israel, Pakistan, Palestine, Russia and France.  An ice-cream factory will have a gas leak and 2 hijackings will take place in Chatsworth, KZN.


Names, cars, and places of where accidents will take place during the world cup period:



Govindsamy, U Naidoo, Ganeth, Thomas, David, Claire, Morne, Yvette, Irese, Gary, Carlos, Jaquline, Donavan, Evelyn, Chantal, Chris, Cisko, Robbyn, Steve, Danie, Liezel, Johan, Carla, Holly, Nicole, Monk, Eugene, Natali, Geoffery, Lindsey, France, Michael, Sfiso, Michelle, Brandon, Beverly, Thabisa, Kelly, Pearl, J Singh, Susan, Romana, Mariam, Payeli, Ash, Sayan, Teria, Dlamini, Luyanda, Mumta, Ashish, Ridwaan, Malegapum, K Pillai, Sandra Naidoo, D Maharaj, Sanjay, Kalami, Santosh, P Soomaru, Bev Govender, Sashin, Mercy, K Moodley.



Chev, Audi, Renault, VW Golf, Vuso, Honda, Crysler, Polo, Toyota Hillux, Jetta, Opel Corsa, Peugeot, Tata, Fiat, Auris, Portuner Velocity, Mazda, Corolla, Jazz, Touereg, Chev Aveo, Yaris, Isuzu, Tiguan, Mitsubisi, Quantum, CRV, Tazz, BMW, Megane, Senic, Atos, 7 Mini buses, Mercedes, Hyundai, 2 plane crashes, Landrover, 4 Motorbike accidents, Jeep, 1 Train disaster, 2 bus collisions.







Sharataz Rai will be at the following places in a few months:






With leading psychic

Sharataz Rai


083 755 1643 / 072 586 9715">


A well known TV personality will pass over.  There will be a hijacking of 2 important cargo ships on the coastline of Upper Africa by pirates.  A few bombings will take place in the following places:  Iraq, Afghanistan, France, Chad, and Palestine. There will be an oil or gas explosion in USA.  A few wild fires internationally will take place as well as flooding in certain parts of Asia.  There will be a change taking place of secrets services in SA.  A government official will pass over.  There will be a natural disaster in Italia.  An outbreak of TB will take place.  A major disruption concerning a sporting event.  Some natural disasters hit a few USA islands.  An assassination will take place.


Egyptian Astrology



New beginnings and a lot of changes.  A few new doors open up for you.



A winning and a high position comes your way.



Love is around the corner for you.  Forget about Rav and Yuvi.



Progress at its best comes through to you.



A loss, a disappointment, some kind of deception with a Capricorn.



Doors of success and greatness swing open for you.  Financial freedom, stability, property and a new car.



Take caution concerning your health.  Studies bring forth positiveness.



A love triangle takes place.



Movement, change for the better, money improvements.



You need to start with focus and concentration, planning for your future.




Lots of new people will be entering into your life. Some good, SOME BAD.



Stop being negative and be 100% positive.




Sharataz Rai Psychic festival will be taking place on 7th November 2009 at The Rajput hall commencing at 10am till 10pm. One festival in Chatsworth only.  This will be one of the biggest festival for Chatsworth after a great run at Sibaya iZulu Theatre.  I will be using my powers that I have been born with to conduct crossing over, tarot card readings, palm reading, Arabic coffee cup readings, Egyptian sand reading and a special healing sand from Egypt will be on sale, and crystal ball reading, face reading, and spiritual full force healing prayers to solve all kind of problems.  The festival will consist of sales, of a variety of exotic books, crystals, charms, clothing, jewellery, paintings, love potions, money drawing potions, health potions, bath salts, the lucky Buddha from Tibet, oils from the Buddhist temple in Tibet will be used to anoint the public, soul paintings, just to name a few.  The most powerful oil from Tibet will be on sale, for all purposes in ones life.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Durban, therefore I urge you to attend the festival.  The festival will have a workshop environment and I have opened the festival to the public, if you are interested in having a stall at the festival or any queries, contact me 083 755 1643 / 072 586 9715 or Roshan Singh 073 372 5956.







With leading psychic

Sharataz Rai


083 755 1643 / 072 586 9715">




A youth will go on a killing spree due to victimization and abuse.  A huge chunk of Antarctica will melt thus increasing the levels of the sea.  There will be a shootout at the DBN taxi rank and a robbery takes place in Victoria street.  A well known DBN based psychic will pass over.  Three major drug busts will take place soon.  Drugs are being smuggled into the country through buses, trains, the SA boarder, the harbour, cargo ships and airlines.  Most of the time it’s packed and disguised amongst the different kinds of food items.  It will be exposed that the majority of the time boarder control is taking bribes and letting illegal immigrants through containing deadly airborne viruses.  A new kind of dangerous virus that starts from electronics, computers, and cell phones, etc will soon be circulating creating mood swings, certain disorders, headaches, exhaustion, etc.  There will be a few bombings in the middle east.  A flight disaster connected to B Obama will take place. New economical doors of success will open up for Africa.


Egyptian Astrology



Work hard at improving yourself all round.  Intellectually, physically, and spiritually you’ll feel better about yourself and others will commend your new improvement.



Give your family and your friends more respect and understanding.  You will need them and their support to help you resolve problems in your life, so keep a good relationship with them.



Have pride in yourself and your achievements.  Don’t be afraid to succeed.  Don’t be content, just be apart of the crowd when you can stand out.



Be aware of someone with the name beginning with ‘N’ from the 21st you will have a sudden spark of luck.



Be generous with your smiles and humor, because you will make more friend faster and feel better about yourself everyday. 



You and a friend might find yourself sympathizing with someone who has had a major setback.  You can provide the emotional support needed, so just be patient and things will soon blow over.



Go for clever investments if you happen to be going for investments at all.  However the best thing to do is to save your money and try not to go out to party often during this month.



Make time for family outings or home entertainment.  Also start with improving your house and making it more comfortable for yourself.



You must not do too many things at once.  Take a breather or a time out once in a while until the 29th, and then you’ll be recharged.



Set a target, then do your best to achieve it.  With hard work nothing is impossible.  Try to focus more on work/school because you may be distracted from new found romance. 



Mondays and Tuesdays will be your ‘power days’ this month.  You will be having a good day if you grab the opportunities that come your way.



Be quick to respond to opportunities in the work area or so on.  You’ll be able to upgrade your standard of living by simply listening to your inner voice and working hard.




Sharataz Rai Psychic festival will be taking place soon at The Rajput hall.  This will be one of the biggest festival for Chatsworth after a great run at Sibaya iZulu Theatre.  I will be using my powers that I have been born with to conduct crossing over, tarot card readings, palm reading, Arabic coffee cup readings, Egyptian sand reading and a special healing sand from Egypt will be on sale, and crystal ball reading, face reading, and spiritual full force healing prayers to solve all kind of problems.  The festival will consist of sales, of a variety of exotic books, crystals, charms, clothing, jewellery, paintings, love potions, money drawing potions, health potions, bath salts, the lucky Buddha from Tibet, oils from the Buddhist temple in Tibet will be used to anoint the public, soul paintings, just to name a few.  The most powerful oil from Tibet will be on sale, for all purposes in ones life.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Durban, therefore I urge you to attend the festival. The festival will have a workshop environment and I have opened the festival to the public, if you are interested in having a stall at the festival or any queries, contact me 083 755 1643 / 072 586 9715 or Roshan Singh 073 372 5956.





With leading psychic

Sharataz Rai


083 755 1643 / 072 586 9715


August 2009



There will be major problems in Zimbabwe.  A tiger will attack a civilian and will escape from a zoo.  7 people will drown in the KZN area.  There will be a small satellite explosion.  Deborah Patter from 3rd degree will find herself in a dangerous situation during the course of this year.  Angelina Jolie will land up in hospital.  There will be major problems at the SABC and a vast amount of fraud will be exposed as well.  Prices increase in a drastic way and people will become more desperate than ever before.  There will be a shark attack in KZN.  New plant species will be discovered.  There is a city built of gold buried in the centre of the Sahara desert. 


Con artists claiming to cure all kinds of things from upper Africa will rob a number of people.  There will be 6 mining accidents.  Swine flu will vastly spread throughout Africa.  3 people will be struck by lightening.  4 children will go missing. There will be an explosion at a mining company.  An electrical disaster will take place.  A huge snake will be found in a drain. Major problems will occur in the soccer stadium.  A well known star will be diagnosed with cancer.  There will be an earthquake in the far east. 


Several explosions and bombings will take place in the following places:

China;  Iraq;  Upper Africa;  Rwanda;  Angola;  Central Mexico;  Afghanistan;  Mozambique;  Pakistan;  South India.


There will be minor earthquakes in the area of central USA.  There will also be two assassinations attempts on Barrack Obama’a life.  Oprah Windfrey will have some minor heart problems and a possible minor stroke.  Terrible accident for springbok captain will take place in December.  There will be 4 mini bus taxi accidents.   A tanker will explode on the way to JHB.  A collision will take place on the Amanzimtoti highway and there will be a huge truck accident on the N1 and N2.  A terrible disaster will take place in Taiwan.  A bus filled with school children will capsize. 


In September later this year, I will be a medium to the largest crossing over in KZN.  The crossing over will be done for all those that have lost a dear one in their lives.  By having a crossing over, one could find closure on the loss of a loved one. Several souls and spirits have come through to me; I will be giving out names of those soon.  Watch this space for further information.




With leading psychic

Sharataz Rai



083 755 1643 / 072 586 9715


August 2009


The planet Jupiter will be hit by a wave of sonic energy.  Michael Jackson will soon enter the Guinness book of records.  There will be an organ failure for Amy Wirehouse.  More people will find themselves unemployed soon.  Cost of living increase internationally.  Minor earthquake tremors will take place in Europe, Asia and USA.  There will be a new break through at NASA concerning robot technology.  There will be two new missions concerning the moon.  Exploration concerning Mars and other planets in the solar system will soon take place.  We will be experiencing several climatic and environmental changes very soon. 


Please take extreme caution to your health.  2009 and 2010 will mark the years of the swine flu, bird flu and several other types of flu to hit our country.  The spread are on a high rise and therefore I warn you to take in the vaccinations and other type of doctor recommended drugs to prevent yourself from getting affected.  A new ancient city deep within the Amazon jungle will be discovered.  A local celebrity will pass over.  A new building project will emerge.  A bus accident will take place and there will be a major hijacking at Westwood mall. 


A terrible shootout in a well known JHB club will take place and the owner will be shot.  Bad health care will take place in SA hospitals.  A family in Clare Estate will be hijacked and killed.  There will be three bombings in Baghdad, Israel, andAfghanistan.  Peace negotiators will take place in upper Africa.  There will be an explosion in Liverpool.  The Beckhams willreturn to the UK.  There will be two prison breakouts.     


In September later this year, I will be a medium to the largest crossing over in KZN.  The crossing over will be done for all those that have lost a dear one in their lives.  By having a crossing over, one could find closure on the loss of a loved one. Several souls and spirits have come through to me; I will be giving out names of those soon.  Watch this space for further information.  It is a once in a lifetime experience.   


July 2009


A lot of people will find themselves suffering from depression due to all kinds of financial issues and problems.  Many people will find themselves unemployed and therefore those that have jobs should hold on to that 100%. 

Many have wondered about the whereabouts of the lost continent called Atlantis that just disappeared from the face of the earth thousands of years ago.  Atlantis has sunk to the depths of the ocean and is in the centre of the infermis Bermuda Triangle.  When perfectly in line with the pyramids of Giza, the sun and other planets, every 10 000 years a porthole to another dimension is formed.  The next event for this porthole to open will be in 2012. 

A lot of natural resources and energy is being used up and therefore the earth is going to breakdown, creating a vast amount of natural disasters like flooding, volcano explosion, earthquakes and whirlwinds, etc.

There will be another plane crash and two other train disasters, one in India.


There will be a few accidents in the following areas:

From JHB to DBN, M13 – N1 – M7

Stamford Hill Road, M20 – N2 – M26

North Coast Road, M30 – N3

Alberton, M27 – R46

Warwick Avenue

 7th street – Nottingham road

4th avenue – St. Elmo’s road

Mayville – South Coast Road

Pavillion Highway, Verulam, Higgenson Highway, Isipingo, Tongaat, Stanger, Athol Blair Highway and Springfield park.


Names associated with accidents:

D Moodley, Thandi, Vusie, Alisten, Valentine, Kathy, Frankie Govender, Jody, Dicky, Nicky , Coutralis, Moonsamy, Ash, Confidence, Shamla, Melanie, Victoria, V Naidoo, Daya, Kajal, Bhavna, Shan, Mayia, Connie, Shanel, Seema, Thembi, Premi, Kavisha, Grey, N Naidoo, Sandy, Genevieve, Jayshree, Rookmin. 




When I had my conversation with Michael Jackson he told me that he was extremely sad that he had passed over because he was not ready to go.  He wanted to do his world tour, his great come back.  He wanted all to know that even though he is gone in body, he is still very much alive in spirit and will live on ever through the soul of his music. 

He did explain that preparations for the shows were having a bit of a toll on his health but he felt strongly that he could cope. He say’s a lot of people have been saying that he was a very lonely man but that’s all not true.  He had the love of his children, the love of his family, and the love of all his millions of fans.  Everybody loved him. 

He spoke to me about a lot of things including his relationships, but I will reveal more at a later stage.



Egyptian Astrology by Sharataz Rai:



Try to watch your temper this week.  Take out your anger on cleaning, repairing or any physical activity.  Compromise is important, give way on the small things.



Now is a good time to advance your goals and go for that promotion.  Focus your energy on your career.



If you want to discuss your ambitions and aims with your superiors, please do this between the 7th and 20th of July.



Don’t be too impulsive, impatient, and irritable.  Try to remain calm to benefit from decisions.  Go to the gym to release the tension.



Whatever important matter you have to state, it would be advisable to do so after the 18th of July.



Love matters should go smoothly after the 15th.  There will be a lot of social activities and it is importznt not to forget that you have rivals and oppositions all over the show. 



Use the half of July to accomplish your entire tasks.  You are under a lot of tension and it would be good to take things easy.



This is the time to listen to others and not rush into anything.  Relationships and friendships should go smoothly this month.



Until 11th July you will be fueled with energy so go ahead and do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.



Take time to treat yourself and spoil yourself.  Climb out of the shell and into the lime light.  Encourage yourself.  A Virgo thinks of you all the time. 




You might not feel like working, but you have to, so get geared up and focus on your future.



Lots of communication takes place in your life.  Think carefully before you speak.  Do not pay attention to what others have to say.


 May 2009



The month of May will contain a vast amount of surprises internationally.  There will be a lot of progress taking place in South Africa and a lot of new environmental projects will be taking of soon.  A body will be found in the gorge in South Coast.  An outbreak of dangerous flu virus will be taking place soon so it would be advisable for all to go for doctor’s check-ups and injections.  There will be a lot of change for the better.  There will be a few riots internationally.  There will be a volcanic explosion and two avalanches will take place.  A landslide will take place in South America.  The price of gold will increase. International trading for South Africa will take place.  The rand will stabilize and grow stronger.  A lot of new investments will take place.  The international stock markets stabilize.  Large investments and business deals with China.  People must be careful of fraud and con artists from upper Africa. 


The death penalty will make a come back.  A lot of tampering with black magic is taking place in KZN.  4 diplomats pass over.  An assassination takes place in South Africa concerning a politician.  A man will shoot his wife and her lover.  There will be a new task force that will take full force action against criminals.  A heist is being planned in Hillcrest concerning FNB banking institution.  Drugs are flooding into SA over the SA boarder.  Clients of banking institutions must be very careful concerning their banking details as several criminal minded people walking into the banks that are setting clients up.  A lot of theft and fraud is taking place in banks due to staff members; please check your accounts weekly.  There will be a contamination of certain meat products.  4 buildings will burn and 2 factory fires will occur.  There will be an outbreak of AIDS in USA.  There will be 7 mini bus accidents that will take place and a bus collision.  4 trucks will capsize and 2 die in a motorbike accident.  A big sugar cane plantation fire will take place.  3 informal settlement disasters will take place. 


 Natural disasters, bombings and explosions will take place in the following places:

Sicily (Italy), certain parts of China, India and Japan, South Africa, Spain, certain parts of Australia, Canada, Middle east, Telaviv, Palestine, Mexico, Germany, Berlin, California.


Sex trade concerning little boys is taking place in public toilets in Cape Town.  There will be a few murders taking place in Westville prison and there will also be a prison riot in South Africa.  Food poisoning will also be take place in local prisons. There will be a bottle store hijacking in Pinetown.  Kidnapping of school children will be taking place therefore parents must take extra safety precautions and make sure that they pick their kids up from school on time.  A lot of children are being abused by people they know whilst coming from school.  A few storms take place internationally between the 5th of May and 15th May 2009.    




April 2009


Firstly I would like top warn the public about a con-artist named Shantal Naidoo.  She is an imposter that has been going around telling people she is related to me and stealing from these people.  I do not know any Shantal Naidoo and neither am I related to one by that name.  My contact details are given and if it is not these numbers 083 755 1643 / 072 586 9715 and these websites,"> then it has got nothing to do with me.  If anyone has benn victimized by this woman called Shantal Naidoo then they must immediately report it to the local police station and speak to Inspector Lutchman who is in charge concerning this issue.  I am happy to say that Shantal Naidoo has been reprimanded and is currently residing at the Westville prison.  This joyfully states that crime does not pay.


Research will soon show that pollution and atmosphere negligence are the cause of a vast amount of terminal illnesses.  A variety of viruses will be causing havoc concerning a flu outbreak.  Six high risk prisoners will escape from an SA jail.  A huge accident takes place in Hillcrest.  Food price goes sky high and there will be quite a few retrenchments that will take place. There will be two plane disasters.  Property prices will decrease and the rand will take a step down. 


There will be natural disasters, bombings, explosions and distruptions in the following places: 

Iran, Pakistan, India, Australia, France, upper Africa, Tibet, China, Peru, Swiss Mountains, Alaska, Canada, USA and Venis. 


We will be faced with a few hailstone storms internationally due to internationally due to environmental changes.  These will be the high risk crime areas:  Pavilion Highway, Tongaat market, The Pavillion Mall, Pinecrest, Kentucky, DBN Taxi rank, The Workshop, Pinetown Shopping Center, Chatsworth Center.  New doors open up for SA in many different ways.  Obama will be visiting SA soon concerning USA negotiations with SA.  Human and exotic animal trade will soon be exposed in SA concerning Chinese buyers and sellers. 


Angel connections:

The Angels messages to the following people are that they are there for them as well as helping and protecting them:  Peter Davis, Sandra Kuppersamy, Babara Evans, Vish Naik, Teressa Williams, Sally Moodley, Kevin Klein, Colin Penny, Glenda Christian, Cliffy Mc…, Brenda Alexander, Tiny Pillay, Fernaad Mahomed, Melani Govinsamy, Enver Naidoo, Nigel Edwards, Sue Du Rand, Ester Woods, Carmel Nair, Seth Fisher.


Egyptian Astrology by Sharataz Rai



Be cautious of all that is negative and disruptive, there will be plans for travel and a lot of great things will take place this month. 



A few winnings will take place and the one you like will communicate with you.



Ravi will be communicating with you, there is going to be some family issues and problems but all will fall into place.



Success emerges through towards you.  Overseas travel and unexpected funds come through to you.



There will be a few financial problems, losses and danger around the 29th of May 2009 will take place, take caution on that day.



Don’t hurt anyone.  Your rivals are plotting and planning against you but you will have victory. 



There will be hospitalization in the family and signing of papers. 



There will be some overseas communication and some good news emerges to you via mail.



Believe in yourself and all the things you are capable of doing, go out there and start fulfilling your dreams.



Make a promise to yourself that you are going to bring forth all the things that you want in your life to come forward.



You are not sure about a lot of things at this moment of time and there are a lot of things you need to think about before making up your mind.



Appreciation of all and everything will change in your life.  You cannot audit life, you have to say yes to life and live.



April 2009


A building will collapse in SA and an outbreak of TB will occur.  Two sportsmen will find themselves in difficulties concerning some criminal activities.  There will be 3 plane disruptions.  Shortages of petrol, electricity and water disruptions will take place.  A lot of positivity and business ventures for SA from Japan.  A wrestler will pass over.  There will be vast amounts of strikes for the month.  An explosion in Korea.  There will also be vast amounts of problems concerning Jacob Zuma and his issues.  There will be 4 hijackings of ships along the African Coastline.  A shootout at an educational center will take place.  There will be vast amount of change for the better in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Four children will be involved in a murder and a big fight will break out at a soccer stadium.  A terrible nightclub disaster will take place in KZN and there will be a robbery at a night club in JHB.  A well known model will be passing over of an overdose.  Unexpected financial change takes place internationally.  Research shows the aging effects of alcohol.  There will be explosions, bombings and natural disasters in the following places:  USA, Greece, Australia, Romania, France, Brazil, Sweden, Britain, Upper Africa, and Peru. There will also be another earthquake in certain parts of Italy.  There will be an economical rise in food, petrol and general goods.  There will be 6 big mini taxi accidents and a few on the DBN/JHB highway. 


Angel Communication by Sharataz Rai.


Trevor Naidoo:  your guardian angel Raphael would like you to know that he is there for you and that you have been going through a bad financial time but things will fall into place for you in the month of july. 


Maliga Chetty:  Your guardian angel Cameal wants you to know that everything will be ok and that you must not worry about all those little issues.


Sandy Padayachee:  A few new choices have to be made, make sure you make the right decision concerning this says angel Uriel.


Avinash Singh:  Your life is changing for the better and everything that you want will come through to you with patience and time.  This message is from your guardian angel Haniel.


Mumtaz Khan:  There has been so many thoughts running through your mind and you have been thinking a lot, but soon you will have victory with your case in hand.  This message comes form arch angel Michael.


Iqbal Docratt:  The past will play a role in the future and what was once lost will soon be found.  New hope dawns upon you and each day will be sunset in paradise.  From your arch angel Gabriel.  


Tyron Pillay:  Take caution and don’t drive on the 11th September 2009 because there will be an accident that you will be involved in, this message comes from arch angel Aquanio


Johan Visser:  Don’t go on that trip to JHB because you will regret it.  This comes from you guardian angel Zackiel. 


Gareth Miles:  A few unexpected surprises awaits you.  The 13th of December 2009 there will be danger be careful and this comes from angel Indriel.


Carol Patterson:  your angel David is watching over you.  You are worried about property issues, but all that will improve.


Kobus van Zyl:  There will be a trip of importance.  Kristo is thinking about you and Annatjie still remembers you, this comes from you guardian angel Arielle.


Nondumiso:  life has been a struggle but a lot of new doors will be opening up for you.  This comes from arch angel Zaphiel. 

April 2009

A holiday maker will be killed in a crossfire.  There will be 2 deaths associated with the Oribick Gorge.  A mountaineer will be caught up in a rescue situation and a hiker goes missing.  4 foreigners will fall prey to SA crime and a dangerous criminal will escape from custody.  A lot of environmental changes will be taking place for the worst due to over population, pollution, over development and lack of environmental care.  There will be a soccer disaster in SA.  Zimbabwe will see no positive change for a long while and financially the country will be dilapidated if they don’t consider change for the better.  An aid has been provided previously but they have used it for their own personal gain.  2 well known public figures will be found murdered and there will be a shootout in Soweto.  A terrible kidnapping will take place.  A small disruptive storm will destroy an informal settlement in KZN and in the Cape.  There will also be a fire outbreak concerning an informal settlement. 


A lot of crime will be taking place the Easter weekend at the Pavilion, Gateway, the Workshop, DBN beachfront, Cape Town Waterfront, central Pinetown, SA taxi ranks and DBN international airport.  2 home-alone children will pass over in a freak accident due to their parent’s negligence.  The vision of a missing child trapped in a basement in USA came to me.  Smuggling of drugs in and out of the country is taking place at this moment in the following places:  SA boarder, SA international airport, SA harbors and via the SA railway stations.  There will be a few mjor drug busts in SA, Mexico, Miamami, Singapore,Taiwan, Austrailia, India and Turkey.  SA oceans are being raked by poachers as exotic species are being removed in vast quantities for exotic sea food leaving the ocean unbalance causing major disruption. 


Natural disasters:

There will be a major veld fire in certain parts of Australia, Greece, Africa and USA.  Minor tremors will tale place in upper Africa, California, New Mexico, certain parts of Europe and China.  Between the 9th and 15th April 2009, there will be a few storms internationally.  A drought in certain parts of Africa will take place.  Pest control will be needed internationally concerning agriculture, as there will be a few invasions consuming and damaging crops. 


There will be a vast amount of accidents during the Easter weekend and motorist must be very careful.  Here are some of the names, cars, and number plates that must take extra safety precaution that weekend and the places accidents will be taking place.



Amazimntoti, South Coast highway, Umlazi, JHB to DBN highways, Ballito, Westbrook, Drakensburg, Ladysmith, Eastern cape, Dawncliff road, Saltleef road, Newcastle, Higgenson highway, Athol Blair highway, Richards bay, Stanger, Tongaat, Empangeni, Dundee,  Spagetti junction,  M7, M9, M10, M13, M33, M30, N1, N2, N3, R40, R41, R44, R46, R47.



Kanjana, Dean, Norman, Rowen, Claire Anne, Juggie Naidu, Joythi, Bongi, Jenny Sanders, A Khan, Masood, Pather, Sue Port, Kiru Pillay, Nicole, Karen, Freda, Lucelle, Anura Maharaj, Donavan, Satish, Mellisa Moodley, Erol, Annette, N Naidoo, Pinky, Serah, Thabo, Desmond, Babara, Dihna, Shaun Govender, Tiny Chetty, Allan Khan, Selvan, Segran, Nomsa, K Pillay, Naledi, Zulu, Rahual, Erma, Saraj, Vishnu, Kathija, Lyle, Mickey, Mac, Sandra, Kaveshan, Nickiel, Maddesson, V Woods, Ex Miss SA, Sean Ellis, Dalene, Jeniffer Manning, Neil, Jeff, Baron.



Merc, Tata, BMW, Ford, Tazz, Nissan, VW, Golf, Jeep, Runx, Renault, Blue Citren, Ford Laser, Hilux, Getz, Chevy, Land Rover, Honda, Toyota, Beetle, 4 buses, 7 mini buses, 6 trucks, 2 motorbikes.


Number plates:
































March 2009

A couple will go through a bush knife attack.  In Indonesia there will be a komodo attack on a small village.  A vast amount of con-artists all over the world are flooding into the country and the general public must take caution before submitting to anything financially.  There will be 2 plane disasters and a man will be run over by a train.  A young man from Malvern will be hijacked and stripped naked.  There will be a Malvern liquor store hijacking.  Three murders in Chatsworth will be taking place.  A little girl will be stranded on the DBN beachfront.  A major health problem for the singer Will Young.  A tornado or hurricane will be hitting the south/northern America area.  There will be bombing is the following places:  Sudan, Palestine,Pakistan, India and Iserael.  There will be a lot of financial problems in South Africa before 2010 fifa world cup.  Crime will be getting out of control in South Africa.  The government will have to up grade on security, police enforcements and try to recruit as many as possible into the SA army to help fight crime and make SA a better place to live in.  Planting of trees and recycling is still extremely important.  2 buildings in central DBN will burn down and some building materials connected to the new stadium will be stolen.  Bird flu makes a terrible comeback and more people will be victimized by meningitis.  There will also be a bad case of water contamination.  2 psychics and a well know editor passes over.  There will be 6 new inventions concerning cell phone technology, emerging soon. 


Crossing over with Sharataz Rai:


  • The spirit of Mrs Cuppama Savithree Pillay came to me and told me to pass on the message to her loved ones, Sevy, Baslen, Desmond, Pricilla, Lallie and Sheryl.  She is fine and she is guiding and protecting them 100%.

  • Premla Pillay came to me and said she was murdered about 2 years ago at the Shree Ramalingam Hindu Temple at Morningside.  She wants to tell her two children that she loves them and is guiding them.  She also wants to know why Goni killed her.



Angel connection by Sharataz Rai:


Arch angels Rapheal, Cameal, Haniel, and Gabriel wants the following people to know that thet are watching over, guiding and protecting them.


Babes Govender

Laura Venketsamy

Inderan Govender

Valery Pillay

Preshan Ramlall

Annie Naidoo






South Hampton, Tasmania, Kyrgyzstan, Uruguay, aqeria, Israel,  Beirut, Angola, Drakes passage, Madagascar, Aqaba, Bermuda triangle, India, Sudan, Korea, Mezen, Yemen, Congo, Russia, morocco, Niger, Zambia, Certain parts of Canada and USA, Ukraine, Greece, Zimbabwe, Okinawa, Australia, China, UK, South Africa (certain parts), Taipei, Lebanon, Uganda, Weda, Syria, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Romania, Damascus, Queenstown, Pakistan.




Ladysmith, Queens burgh highway, Westville, Higginson highway, Blair Athol, Jan Smuts, North Coast Road, Tongaat, Stanger, Lexington, Bloemfontein, Mafikeng, Kitwe, Port Shepstone, Colesbery, JHB top DBN, Isipingo Rail, George, Mbeya, Pavilion  highway.

N1, M7, M13, M30, R47, Kassier road, N2, M9, M26, R40, R49, Motala Heights, N3, M10, M27, R41, Stapleton road, Stamford hill.




Sharon, Lisa, Lucia, Zodwa, Ruth, Alex, Lungile, Zoleka, Wade, Darryl, Lindiwe, Pillay, Pumela, Mark, Khombisile, Shaun, Sandy Wood, Kholiwe, Monica, Dale Pooyd, Khethiwe, Sunitha, Leonie Raleigh, Joyce, Shirley, Dlamini, Nutty, Buyi, Vivaga, Stephen, Thompson, Celiwe, Helen, Cosmo, Deliwe, Tessa, Sindy, Tembelihle.




Hyundai Getz, Toyota Corolla, Opel Astra, Audi, Supra, VW Citi Chico, Toyota Hilux, 2000 BMW, Chrysler, X5, 2002 Ford Bantam, VW Jetta, 2005 Mitsubishi Colt, Green Jaguar, 2001 Merc, Opel Corsa, Fiat sienna, Merc A160, Ford Fiesta, Red BMW, Nissan Almera, 4 Mini buses, 3 trucks, 7 motorbikes, 2 bus collisions and a truck explosion. 




Pavilion, Green Acres, Gateway, Rose bank Mall, Westwood Mall, Carlton Centre, Spaghetti junction, Central JHB, Westville prison, Claremont petrol station, Pinetown taxi rank, Wyebank butchery, Kings road, Hillcrest taxi rank, Sanlam Centre, Pine crest centre, Chatsworth central, Tongaat market, Phoenix plaza, Two well known clubs in JHB and a nightclub in DBN.


Explosions on a bridge will take place and two building in central DBN will be on fire.  There will be a few major bush fires in Greece, Australia; Central parts of South Africa and upper Africa as well as n certain parts of USA. Two babies will be found abused in JHB and KZN. An outbreak of a deadly disease will take place in S.A jails as well as two prisoners will escape from Westville prison and JHB jail. The whole world will go into a financial crisis, but will soon come out of it. Five drug busts will take place and two drug busts at international airports will occur as well as S.A harbours.


S.A needs to squeeze out every drop of corruption in government and major corporations. A lot of incompetent people are employed in top government jobs in S.A and that’s why so much of corruption is taking place because they don’t have the dedication for the job. Two stow a ways will be found dead on a cargo ship. Human trafficking will become out of hand and a cargo of humans will be found in a USA. Human trade in Europe will be exposed in a huge way. Contamination of water and meat occur. A royal member will find themselves in a certain twenty two situation and new inventions will bring forth relief to a lot of TB sufferers. Study exposes greatness of meditation. Thousands will be dying this year from HIV, Cholera, TB, Bird flu, mad cow disease and cancer. Healthy eating, healthy living, spiritualism and goodness could be the cure for the above mentioned. We must stop being greedy for sex, food, alcohol, pleasure and negative indulgencies. Everyday living must be done with a clean thought and a good heart. We must have no thought of getting when giving. Understanding is the key to peace. A person cannot go and look for happiness to find happiness; you must be happy with yourself and happiness will be there.

January 2009

Two cargo ships along the coastal line of Africa will be hijacked by some pirates and petrol is desperately needed to guard these waters.

There will be an oil spill in the Pacific and a shark attack takes place in Australian waters.

A pharmacy in PNT will be robbed. There will be a fire at a medical institution. A lot of disruptive situations will take place within the next few months. Concerning family violence; child abuse and sexual offences will be present. Recycling is going to become the number one factor within time.  A Whole lot of new inventions hit the market and there will be a discovery in the Atlantis Ocean. Crime will be getting out of hand.


A foreign gang will be exposed for dealing with all kinds of illegal things. A shipment of illegal exotic animals will be found. A lot of problems emerge for South Africans in Dubai, UK and USA. A death will take place in Lahee Park Pinetown. Rates, lights and water go sky high. The economy internationally will go through a minor depression. S.A government will be exposed of neglecting the country and it’s maintenance of it; due to their own power struggles and greed. A robbery at Pine Crest will take place and there will be danger at DBN international airport.


There will be an Elephant and lion attack in South Africa. Some animals escape from a national zoo. Certain canned food in Supermarkets will be contaminated.   There will be a huge bus collision from Eastern Cape to KZN. A wave of nostalgic energy will sweep over the world. A devastating plane crash will take place. A jewelry shop will be robbed. Bombings and natural disasters will be taking place in the following places:

Zambia – South America

Zimbabwe – Mexico – Chad – Ruwanda

Malawi – Gaza – Israel – Turkey

Russia – Certain parts of the East

Australia – Iran – Tel Aviv

Lebanon – Kuwaite - California


Places were accidents will take place:


Kings Reel, Ladysmith, Ballito, Stanger, Highway, PTN Central, Phoenix, M13, M10, M26, Park lane, Tongaat, M30, M28, Broadway, Inanda, N1, N2, N3, Old main, Higginson R40, R44, R45, Umgeni, Overport, La Lucia Ridge, Sparks Road, Palmiet Road, Lincoln Terrance, Riverside, Alexander road, Harrismith, Atlantis, South Coast,





Names involved in accidents:

Daniel, K Moodley, V Pillay, Benny, Katherine, T Naidoo, Tyron, Seelan, S Moodley, Maxine, Aniesha, Jason, Ranay, Alexandre, Bongani, Tammy, Govidasamuy, Zodwa, Lynelle, Morrison, Ntombela, Aviva, Wilson, Kesh, T Govender, Chloe.





This is your time to plant and recycle – be in one with nature and watch how the forces of nature and the elements bring forth change in your life.



Be motivated and fully charged for great changes and opportunities in your life soon.



Your love life improves – don’t reveal your plans to anyone at this moment in time.



You might fight for what you want and it will be given to you. No point in complaining.



Patience is the first sign of wisdom and within time all will work out for you – New doors will open up.



A big surprise awaits for you and you will be making a lot of new friends.



Travel and new projects emerge this year and great things will be taking place in your life.



There will be a love triangle evolving around you soon and a decision has to be made.



Some money will be coming your way and a few buried opportunities will submerge.



Great new will come to you from overseas and there is some local travel in store for you.



The letter S plays a very positive role in your life, so always remember that person.



A new pet comes into your life and there will be a trip to dry land.

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