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Sharataz Rai

Sharataz Rai is projecting healing energy to whoever needs emotional, mental and any kind of healing.


Below are some of the comments that I have received. 


So good to be able to get onto your website and find all the details.  Your kids are beautiful and as for your little one she is absolutely gorgeous and this she definitely gets from you. 





I really enjoy your column in the Post, and I think that I can relate to the things that you say.

P. Moodley


I always read yourcolumn and find most of it to be very true.Pam Gounder

Hi Sharataz
Thank you for always helping people from various aspects of culture/colour and religion.
Seriously follow your predicitions which always come to pass.

S. Govender



My name is charlotte Perumal I read your articles in the express every week & think that you are truly gifted.



Dear Sharataz,


About three and a half years ago when my dad past away i came to see you regarding closure to his death. I was really amazed when you crossed over to him and you mentioned my name even without me telling it to you. It was then that i knew you was truely gifted.



hi Mam


I was amazed when i read your article in the Rising Sun...

You have an amazing talent...




The Express psychic Sharataz continues to amaze. 

(Story Supplied by Express Online Newspaper)

Last week she predicted danger at Mr Price. Like she envisioned, the Mr Price store in Gauteng was robbed. Sharataz also predicted that a boat would capsize. Again that also materialized.

"Psychic knew my sons fate"   



A RENOWNED psychic has shocked a Durban mother by predicting her son's 
fate. Sharataz Rai of Hillcrest, has stunned sceptics and silenced her critics in her weekly column in this newspaper. She recently predicted the death of two athletes who died at the Comrades Marathon, the spate of restaurant robberies, the shortage of dairy products and the international floodings. 

But the predictions in her column last month stunned an Effingham mother. 
The woman, who asked that her name be withheld, lost her 35-year-old son 
in a car crash. "It was about a week after the accident that a relative from 
Malvern showed us the psychic & column in The Express newspaper. We were all shocked. Its scary. My son's name was on the list of accidents. What shocked us even more was that Sharataz mentioned the make of my son's car, the place of the accident and the date. That was simply amazing."

She said her son was returning from the gym when a car speeding in the opposite lane knocked into him on North Coast Road. He died at the scene. 
"It's hard to believe that anyone could have predicted my son's fate. He left 
home and told me mommy, ‘I'll see you just now’. That's the last thing he said.
” She said it was also unusual for her son to leave the gym earlier than his normal time. "After gym, he and his friends stand outside and talk. “But his 
friends told us that this time he said he wanted to go home to spend some time with his youngest son. He never came home." She said when her son was born, a priest had told them that he would encounter difficulties when he was 45 years old.

"He was still 35. Maybe this was not meant to be. Maybe it wasn't his time. 
Maybe if we had seen the newspaper earlier, we could have taken some 
precautions and maybe prevented his death. We still can't believe he's gone."





(Story supplied by Express Online Newspaper)   

Sharataz last week amazed readers with her predictions. She predicted the plane crashes, the veld and building fires in Durban, the children who disappeared and the bus and truck several accidents.  


Contact Sharataz on , 
+2783 755 1643, 

or write to her at:

Sharataz Rai
PO Box 131, 
Kloof, 3640, 
Republic of South Africa.


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